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Organic, yes. Certified Organic, not always. Most of the farms we work with do have organic certification. However, getting certification is sometimes out of reach of smaller farmers and with the right farms, having that piece of paper isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. We’re happy to support farmers who are using organic growing principles and doing the right thing.

Mostly, it’s a yes. We aim to source as much stock from within Victoria as possible. So if there is a Victorian supplier will always choose them first. We’re committed to buying locally as often as we possibly can. There are two main considerations when choosing an interstate supplier. One is that Victoria is kinda chilly in winter and that makes growing conditions pretty tough, particularly for organic farmers. Secondly, some fruits just don’t grow in Victoria. Bananas we’re looking at you. Our position is to find a balance. Let’s support local and let’s be really mindful of when we do choose to buy from further afield.


Unfortunately, no. Eating seasonally and organically means that sometimes a variety and available can be limited. We’ve grown used to having all kinds of fruits and veg available in supermarkets all year round. The reality is that’s just not how they grow. They grow seasonally and should be eaten seasonally too. Our boxes change with the seasons and if strawberries aren’t in season, we just won’t have them until they are.

We have five types boxes that are designed to suit differnt kinds of housholds.

Small – Our Small size box usually contains five types of veg and two types of fruit and feeds singles, a couple or those who love supplementing their delivery with their favourite ‘must-have’ items each week.

Medium – Our Medium sized box usually contains three types of fruits and seven types of vegetables. It’s good for an average home of 4 people, depending on how often you eat at home.

Large – Our Large size box is even bigger with 10 types of veg and 4 types of fruit. It feeds a medium to large family.

Veg-Only – Our Veg-Only box is perfect for couples, houseshares and families that need more veg in their life. If you eat heaps of veg and not much fruit, this is the box for you! It usually contains ten different types of vegetables and has the same bigger portions as the Large Fruit & Veg box (without the fruit). The Veg-Only box does include fruits which many people think of as vegetables for example: Avocado, Beans, Capsicum, Cucumber, Eggplant, Peas, Pumpkin, Sweetcorn, Tomato and Zucchini.

Fruit-Only – Our Fruit-Only box is perfect for workplaces and families who need more fruit in their lives! It contains approximately 50 – 60 pieces of fruit. Contents vary depending on what’s in season.

No problem at all. Just let us know when you’re completing your onboarding and we’ll take care of it.


We’re based in Ivanhoe and deliver within a radius of five or so kilometres. That includes the following suburbs:

Alphington, Clifton Hill, Eaglemont, Fairfield, Heidelberg, Heidelberg Heights, Heidelberg West, Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe East, Macleod, Northcote, Rosanna, Thornbury and Viewbank. If you’re unsure or live on a border send us a message and we’ll see what we can do.

Currently, all deliveries happen on Mondays. Your delivery timeframe depends on your whereabouts. Here’s a guide:

9 am – 12 pm Delivery Timeframe Includes: Eaglemont, Heidelberg, Heidelberg Heights, Heidelberg West, Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe East, Rosanna.

11 am – 4 pm Delivery Timeframe Includes: Alphington, Clifton Hill, Fairfield, Macloed, Northcote, Thornbury, Viewbank and any other areas.

Orders must be placed by Thursday for delivery on the following Monday. Subject to availability.

Generally no, but it depends on your residence. If you live in an apartment building or there isn’t anywhere safe to leave the box then yes, being home is the best option. We’re happy to ring a buzzer if you need us too. Generally though we won’t knock, but we will send a text message as soon as the box has been dropped off, so you know when it’s arrived.

Absolutely. Just let us know by close of business on the Thursday before your next scheduled delivery. After this point, no changes can be made.

General Questions

We choose to support community groups, kinders, preschools and charities to help with their fundraising. We implement a really simple system where the community group is given a specific code which parents, staff and anyone else can use when placing orders. A portion of each purchase is then saved and at the end of each quarter, the group receives this rebate as a donation. We give $3 back for each box that’s purchased, which adds up pretty quickly!

Contact us now to find out how your local group can get involved and start raising funds now!

Thanks for supporting us and your community, and the planet, and our farmers and your own health! So many wins…

Social enterprises are businesses created to further a social purpose in a financially sustainable way. Thet have social goals that are embedded in their objective, which differentiates them from other organizations and corporations. They are self-sufficient and earn income from sales to reinvest in their mission. People today want to know that the companies they choose to buy from are doing more than just providing a product or service. They look for companies that are doing good in the community.

Reach for the old dog and bone! We’re always happy to chat, hear feedback and answer questions. So please do feel free to call or email anytime.